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About Us​

Are you ready to unleash your inner goddess? Join the vibrant community at Dancing Divinity Dance Company and discover the beauty of belly dance and fusion belly dance!

Our expert instructors are passionate about guiding you on a journey of self-expression and creativity. Founded in 2006 by Natalie Clark, our studio offers a wide range of classes, specialty series, and workshops in Johannesburg North.

Our classes celebrate both traditional and fusion styles of belly dance, and we cater to students of all levels. Whether you’re brand new to dancing or a seasoned pro, our diverse offerings will challenge and inspire you.

Join our award-winning team of instructors, including Natalie Clark, Bonita Rossouw, Hanlie Kennaugh, and Simone Biddulph, and discover the joy of dancing in a supportive community. Come shimmy and shake with us and embrace your unique individuality!

belly dancers with shemadaan and candle tray
Belly Dancers with Candles
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Our Mission

Let’s get motivated and celebrate the ancient art of belly dance! Our goal is to empower every individual to embrace their inner goddess, find their individual dance style, grow their self-esteem and use this beautiful art form as a tool for joy and self-expression. Together, we will build a supportive community that celebrates the unique beauty and strength of each member.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality instruction, enabling our students to perfect their technique and execute every move with ease, grace, and elegance. We recognize the importance of continuous growth and learning, and are committed to providing fresh, innovative material to our students.

Let’s come together and embrace the art of belly dance and enjoy the many physical and emotional benefits it brings!

Why Choose Us

Belly dance is a beautiful and engaging dance form that requires dedication and practice to master. The process may seem challenging, but with persistence, you can achieve your personal dance goals. Dancing Divinity Dance Company is here to guide you along your journey, whether you’re looking to have fun while getting fit or take your skills to the stage.

Our knowledgeable instructors focus on teaching techniques that create a polished and finished look right from the start. Every belly dance move is broken down and explained in detail, and easy-to-grasp combinations will help you understand how to use them. Our instructors will provide you with tips and visualizations that create a solid foundation and promote proper technique from the very beginning.

Believe in yourself and your abilities, and let Dancing Divinity Dance Company help you achieve your belly dance dreams.

Belly Dancers
Belly Dancers

Meet Our teaching crew

Our classes not only provide a great workout, but also a sense of joy and beauty that will lift your spirits. You’ll find yourself feeling more alive and radiant than ever before.

Whether you’re new to the world of belly dance or have years of experience, you’ll find a warm welcome and expert guidance in our classes. Dancing Divinity’s team of talented and friendly dance instructors are excited to dance with you!

Join us on this journey and let’s dance our way to a more vibrant life!

our services

At Dancing Divinity Dance Company, individuals of all ages, sizes, and walks of life are able to come together and express themselves through this healing and mesmerizing form of dance, belly dance.


We offer a variety of dance classes, including Oriental Belly Dance, Fusion Belly Dance, Polynesian Fusion, Burlesque Fusion, Fire Dance, and more! Whether you dance for fun, fitness, or to improve your technique for performances, we have something for everyone, from beginners to advanced levels. All of our instructors are highly trained teachers who excel at inspiring and encouraging their students.

DANCE WORKSHOPS, retreats, socials & video projects

"Dancing Divinity regularly offers opportunities to delve deeper into the world of Oriental belly dance, fusion belly dance, and other dance styles through workshops, retreats, fun socials, and creative video dance projects. The workshops are hosted by the Dancing Divinity teaching crew and other internationally renowned and local master instructors."


Dancing Divinity Dance Company proudly launched "THE FLORESCENCE PERFORMANCE PROJECT" in 2022, a performance platform that gives students the opportunity to create, perform, have fun, and blossom as performers! The Florescence Performance Project includes theatrical belly dance shows in theaters as well as variety shows in a more relaxed setting such as restaurants, dance studios, and more.


We offer top-class performances by our team of professional dancers and novelty acts for hire for corporate functions, private parties, public events, and theatre productions. We take care of the hassle of entertaining your guests with stunning costumes, dynamic group and solo dances, and interactive fun!