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Add some colour & excitement to your next event!

At Dancing Divinity we have an amazing range of dance, music and novelty acts to fit any theme. Tailored to your specific event needs, we will develop a customised package that matches your vision.

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Add some glamour and sparkle to your event!

Dancing Divinity Entertainment Company is driven by passion, professionalism and creativity. Our main focus is to ensure unique entertainment experiences crafted to suit the needs of individuals and companies.
If you can dream it, we can create it!

All the shows are professional and choreographed to a high standard, our dancers can perform bespoke choreographed shows, improvised busking performances, background ambience entertainment, meet and greet or even teach interactive and fun workshops. Showcasing an impressive array of glitzy costumes, impressive choreography and dazzling props, our dancers can be hired for any event from a private party to a full production theatre show or high end product launch.

For further information about our entertainment packages available, contact Natalie on or 083 781 2766.

Scroll down for a glimpse of our amazing range of dance, music and novelty acts.

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Dancing Divinity Dance & Entertainment Company

Contact: Natalie Clark
Cell: +27 083 781 2766

“When the melody plays, footsteps move, hearts sing and spirits begin to dance.”