Natalie Clark

Founder & Owner of Dancing Divinity, Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Natalie has over 17 years of dance training which includes belly dance, tribal fusion belly dance, american tribal style belly dance, ballet, poi spinning, fire dance, Polynesian dance (Hawaiian & Tahitian), cabaret fusion dance and most recently hoop dance. She is an eternal student with a hunger to learn as much as possible. Natalie's studies in belly dance began under the phenomenal local teacher, Candida di Giandomenico. She is forever grateful to Candida for being her inspiration to start belly dance. Other local teachers that Natalie has trained with include Angela Sanders, Heather Dirsuwei, Bhana, Ava van Aarde, Beverli-al-Masrah, Thelma Rose, Senta Duffield, Asja Samia, Bianca Pieters, Marissa Cuenoud, Kash Athanatos and many more. Over the years, Natalie has had the opportunity to study with many international belly dance teachers, priding herself on always continuing her education in this art form. These include but are not limited to Jillina, Sharon Kihara, Heather Aued, Lauren Boldt, Louchia, Danielo Mendes, Karim Nagi, Bozenka, Aziza, Kami Liddle, Michelle Joyce, Tamalyn Dallal, Ansuya, Yasmina of Cairo, Mohamed Kazafy, Mahmoud Reda, Liza Laziza, Rania, Samantha Emanuel, Medhat Fahmy, Sandra Danse and many many more.

Natalie has been teaching belly dance for 13 years and celebrated the 10 year anniversary of her studio, Dancing Divinity in February 2016. Natalie is a soulful, free spirit with a colourful personality and an affection for the eclectic, and therefore has a love for all styles of belly dance, and dance in general. She enjoys adding color, excitement and variety to her dancing and has a magnificent specialty in a wide variety of dance props. Together with her close friend and fellow dance enthusiast, Angela Sanders, Natalie runs the highly successful Goddess Divine Productions, the producers of not only the annual Goddess Divine Festival and the Miss Belly Dance South Africa competition, but also the international Bellydance Evolution Alice in Wonderland performance which took place in South Africa in May 2015. Recently, Natalie has joined forces with Bhana van der Walt and Sascha Olivier-Sampson to bring to life Nova Nouveau Productions,a Theatrical Belly Dance Production uniting our ever-growing local talent in Southern Africa.

Natalie has a passion for sharing her love of dance and thrives on seeing dance students grow and flourish. Women of all ages, shapes, sizes and backgrounds are transformed by belly dance into more passionate, confident and happy people and having part in this transformation is an ongoing source of inspiration and motivation for Natalie. From something as simple as seeing postures improve, to delighting in the joy of a first-time performance, teaching dance is one of the aspects of her career that Natalie holds most dear.

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Latisha Naidu

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Latisha started belly dance classes in 2010, it was primarily to find a fun way to lose some weight. What she found was an art form that spoke to her soul. She was going through a difficult time in her life and belly dance made her realize how strong and powerful she really was. It helped her transform her life. Latisha found herself through Belly Dance.

Latisha joined Dancing Divinity's professional troupe as a trainee in 2013 and has loved every bit of it. She has had the opportunity of training with international belly dance stars as well as the best of local belly dance stars. She takes every possible opportunity to continue learning every single day- and this is what she wants to pass on to her students.

In school Latisha did Ballet and Modern dance. She has since been trained in the following dance styles: Tribal fusion, American tribal style, fire dance, hula, cabaret fusion and has just started hooping classes. Her most influential teacher is our very own Natalie Clark who has taught her that anything is achievable through hard work, practice and passion.

Latisha's classes will focus on the foundation of Modern belly dance as well as Egyptian Oriental and Cabaret style. She wants to share her passion while at the same time allowing you to find your groove. Latisha has realized that exercise wise she can dance for 5 hours and not get tired, but put her on a treadmill for 5 minutes and she's done. She would love to introduce you to this super fun and amazing way to get fit.

Our Mission

To help students find the song in their heart, the beat in their feet and a passion for life.

We strive to promote the ancient art of bellydance in a way that encourages women’s self-esteem and wellness, inspiring them to bring forth their creativity and passion for life. Our goal is to create and support a healthy community that empowers women. Our belief is that belly dance is an empowering outlet of self-expression for women, which is both liberating and fulfilling. Learning belly dance is an amazing personal makeover experience welcoming women of any age, size or shape. It infuses your everyday movement with sensual flair and confidence, helps you rediscover and enjoy the power of femininity and the seductive grace woven by nature into the curves of your body.

We strive to create awareness of the key technical components of every move to enable students to perfect their form and execution of dance steps, so that they can perform each step with ease, grace, and a clean and elegant body line. Dancing Divinity instructors teach belly dance technique and vocabulary with an emphasis on creating a polished, finished look for each individual step from the very start. Our instructors break down, explain and drill each bellydance move and an easy-to-grasp combination that shows how to use it. Our instructors offer detailed tips and visualisations promoting correct, solid and safe technique from the very start.

We strive to keep learning and growing in order to always offer fresh and new material to our students and maintain a high standard of instruction. Dancing Divinity instructors complete intensive teacher training, as well as ongoing advanced dance training. They also regularly attend workshops, courses and seminars with International Master Teachers from all over the world and regularly travel overseas to attend workshops and seminars with Master Dance Teachers.

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Lize van den Bergh

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Lize started her belly dance journey in 2008. In search of a fun way to lose baby fat, she stumbled on a belly dance class website and as teh saying goes: she never looked back! She was effortlessly losing weight and having fun doing it! In addition to the health benefits, Lize discovered a whole class of other women that she had at least one thing in common with and lifelong friendships are now just one of the additional benefits of belly dancing for her.

Lize joined Dancing Divinity's Advanced class in 2010, became a Trainee Professional in 2013 and a fully-fledged Professional in 2016. Lize has also had the opportunity to train with international belly dance stars such as Rania, Karim Nagi and Bozenka. The nine years of belly dancing has taught Lize to push limits: both in herself and the dancers around her, while at the same time being patient with herself and understanding that everyone's body shape and capabilities are different.

Lize focuses on the foundation of Egyptian Oriental and Cabaret Belly Dance and loves enabling students to see their own potential. Belly dance is an ongoing learning experience and she looks forward to sharing this journey with her students.

Helasha Harilal

Dance Instructor & Choreographer

Helasha has loved dancing since she can remember. She took modern dance classes at a very young age, and would often help with choreographing dances for school shows. In 2009, she joined a dear friend for a Beginners class at Senta Duffield’s - Maya Dance Company in Durban and she was absolutely hooked! She is forever grateful to Senta for a solid oriental dance foundation and the first introduction to this art form . She also joined Ioleen Lazenby’s Left of Centre – a FCBD sister studio- where she started her ATS and tribal fusion dance foundation, and is ever grateful for this solid foundation in tribal fusion and ATS. Dance took over and she also started her BDASA exams and is Grade 4 certified by the Belly Dance Association of South Africa.

NA magical journey of self discovery led her to a 7 day Indian Fusion dance retreat in the majestic Bali in December 2012, training in both yoga and Indian Fusion with the ever graceful Colleena Shakti, ending in a performance evening, where she got to perform a solo among her Shakti sisters. In 2011 and 2013 Hela got to perform in the prestigious Shall We Dance production at the Playhouse, trained by Senta Duffield.

In 2013, Helasha relocated to Johannesburg, and joined Dancing Divinity, training under Natalie Clark, Saret, Bianca (tribal fusion) and Chrystal. She is forever grateful to Natalie and other teachers for opportunities and learning. Training is an important part of the journey and she has taken workshops with the esteemed Yamina and Kazafy, Samantha Emmanuel, Bozenka, Karim Nagi, Kami Liddle, Donna Mejia, Michelle Joyce, Sharon Kihara and Jilina Carlo. She has also taken workshops with a variety of amazing local dancers including Senta Duffield, Tarryn Rego, Sascha Olivier-Sampson, Mandy Lapperts and Marissa Cuenoud van Minnen. Hela believes in nuturing body, mind and soul and does regular yoga sessions.

In 2012, Helasha placed second in her first ever entry to Miss Belly Dance SA competition in a non-title category of Modern Egyptian, in 2013 she placed 3rd for her Indian Fusion piece in the Tribal Fusion category. She won Miss Photogenic in Zills O-Mag in 2016, and was recently crowned Miss Belly Dance South Africa 2017. She has decided to share her passion for dance with the world and has started teaching classes in September this year. Dance has taught her to believe in the beauty of her dreams, to believe in herself more, and to never give up! She likens her dance journey to that of a caterpillar, shedding the chrysalis to become a beautiful butterfly.